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You are kindly welcome on behalf of the Holiday Star Gala Orchestra.

Let me to introduce our orchestra in some short sentence.

The Holiday Star was born fifteen years ago.
In the selection of the members of the band of singing played the most important role.
The succesful co-ordination of the choose qualities resulted in a various program with a surprise of a forty minutes long musical parody show.
Shortly after the formation of our band we appeared in the front line of the entertainment world of Western europe.
We performed on stages where stars like : Smokie, Uriah Heep, Toto Cutugno, Weather Girls, The Sweet, Fats Domino, Udo Jügens, Joe Cocer, and the Hot Chocolate played music.

In 1998 there was a major change in our strategy of the Holiday Star,we started to play at home in Hungary.

We set - up our programs according to the expectations of the Hungarian market,focusing on Quality and diversity.

Let me name only a few of our References from Hungary: City Bank, Raiffeisen Bank,Earth & Young, Vodafone, Pantel, Novartis,K.H.V.M., Varta Philips Pannon GSM, Philips, Zwack Unicum,Unilever.e.t.c.

The work and experience of many years have resulted high leve performance on stage.
The good working ethics of our group paired with exciting look makes it possible that the Holiday Star can play on any kind of parties,giving high quality entertainment to people on gala dinners,on company evenings, at weddings, on balls, at weddings,and on receptions.
In case of interest our repertoir,wich includes well-known Hungarian and foreign hits of three generations is aviable.

In addition we have brochures,folders,a CD / DVD of 80songs on Mp3 format,photos ( also in JPEG formet ) for your further information.We hope in the near futuire you give us a chance to prove that Holiday Star is the right choice to entertain you on a party,bringing a jolly good time to you all.